Formula 1 |  Porpoising: Mercedes F1 wants to make metrics public

Formula 1 | Porpoising: Mercedes F1 wants to make metrics public

Porpoises: Mercedes F1 wants (...)

Mercedes F1 Chief Technical Director James Allison has welcomed the FIA’s decision to intervene to settle the porpoise. The Brit praised the speed of implementation of the sports law in intervening in what could be a long-term health problem for the pilots.

“I like that the FIA ​​recognizes that this is not an acceptable situation where lap times and driver health are in blatant conflict.” said Alison.

“And I think it’s really helpful that that’s recognized and we’re trying to slowly get out of where the sport is stuck in at the moment. Of course we are very keen to work constructively with them, as is everyone in the paddock.”

Allison believes transparency is needed to avoid a situation where disputes are permanent: “I have to say that the approach of saying, ‘We’re going to set a metric and if you’re not on the right side of that metric, we’re going to force certain changes on you,’ is a tricky one.”

“I think the measurement should at least be communicated very transparently. The data on which it is based should be available very transparently and the measurement of everyone should be live, constant and visible to everyone.”

“I think that would be a requirement. Otherwise, we could end up in a really awful situation where we’re told we have to do something and we look at another car that’s bouncing and ask what’s wrong with this one. Whereupon we would be told, ‘No, your metrics are good’.”

“It would all have to be very open and I think that’s a problematic way to go forward. But I think the general direction of the process to say ‘this is a problem, we have to solve it as a sport’ is extremely reasonable. And in general, this sport tends to solve its problems fairly quickly.

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