on landlines and mobile phones, unwanted calls in full explosion

on landlines and mobile phones, unwanted calls in full explosion

Spam and scam calls have increased by more than 60% in two years. In the fixed network, most calls are now unwanted calls.

Fraudulent and promotional calls (spam) have never been so numerous, according to figures provided by Orange to BFMTV. On mobile, a customer received an average of 8 unwanted calls per month in 2020, compared to 11 in 2021. It is now 13 unwanted calls per month received by incumbent customers in 2022. A spectacular increase of more than 60%.

Dirty numbers

“Not everyone is the same when it comes to unwanted calls. Some only get one, others 50 a day. For example, there are numbers that can be redistributed to new customers that are “dirty”. Unfortunately, when you restore a number, you can also fix the problems associated with it,” explains Deborah Caderon, Orange Telephone Application Manager at BFMTV.

L’application Orange phone, which now has 900,000 users, allows you to avoid unwanted calls thanks to notifications adapted to each incoming number. It relies in particular on its collaborative component: each user can enter a number corresponding to spam or fraud in the database.

In particular, at BFMTV, Orange is noticing a very large increase in calls corresponding to Personal Training Account (CPF) fraud. Such calls consist of scammers suggesting victims to share their CPF codes with them for better siphoning off their money later via fake training organizations.

16 spam calls per month to landlines

The situation in the fixed network is just as catastrophic, with a number that speaks volumes: in 2022, 60% of calls coming into the fixed network will be unwanted calls.

According to data provided by Orange to BFMTV, 4 million spam calls were received on its network in April 2022, compared to 3.4 million last January.

On average, each number receives 16 spam calls per month on their landline. In view of this situation, however, the operators are not without technical aids.

“We have an algorithm that detects all numbers with abnormal behavior. A number that has made 10,000 calls in a day is bound to be suspicious and recognized. Our algorithm also detects numbers associated with very short calls to block their calls to landlines and cell phones,” adds Deborah Caderon.

In addition to training account scams, scammers have struggled with their ingenuity to find new victims, such as by multiplying vaccine scams during the Covid-19 pandemic. Though imperfect, there are still ways to limit the number of unwanted calls.

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