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She gets 22,500 euros in family allowance while she is unemployed and says: “My life is not easy”

Caroline McCraken is the new web star after the legendary interview she did. This mother said in her interview that thanks to the family allowance, she earns 22,500 euros in social assistance annually. That’s not all ! With this amount, Caroline feeds herself and her family, as her mother has never worked. And that, he says, for 10 years.

Caroline McCraken also insists in the interview that despite the amount she receives thanks to the allowances, she continues to get into financial difficulties. It was Costa Del Dole who did it Part Report on TV, and the least we can say is that Caroline’s statement was not received positively at all by viewers. We take stock.

Internet users’ reactions

Of course, this interview with Caroline McCraken made many people react on social media. If those most affected certainly thought of getting more sympathy from Internet users, it is far from won. Attacks against him on the Internet have multiplied since his testimony was broadcast.

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In fact, many people find that the mother takes advantage of the generosity of the state. She also finds it unfair that she earns 22,500 euros a year without working compared to others who same with a trade you do not receive this amount.

That’s why they weren’t nice to Caroline in the comments. One woman, for example, said that she and her husband both work and don’t even earn €1,700 a month, she confides.

“I need a month of work to earn what we give him, 22,500 euros without work! ‘ the user admits.

That’s not all, as some internet users send even more hate messages. This greatly affects the affected main.

His life after the interview

Ever since she made that statement on TV, Caroline McCraken’s life has never been the same. And if we say that, then not in a good way, but in a good way Not correct meaning of the term.

Source: Facebook

In fact, the mother of the family has been living in total fear since her interview. Every day she is the victim of criticism and implacability from netizens. The least we can say is that netizens’ words about him are anything but tender.

This hatred shaped Caroline McCraken a lot. She said in awe that people who see her on screen might think she “has it easy”. However, that is far from the case, she said.

” They do not know Great-Ding, I don’t have an easy life,” she said.

Today, Caroline McCraken regrets sharing her daily life on TV and thinks she should have kept it away from the cameras. This is proof that you should always think twice before doing anything.

Can single mothers receive social assistance?

Speaking of welfare, do you know that mothers who raise their children alone can also benefit from welfare? In fact, Family Allowance was set up with the aim of helping these single mothers and fathers. The ASF is paid by parents from the first month of their child and it will be able to to benefit from it until the age of 20 for his offspring.

It is either the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) that pays them to single mothers or fathers. Note that the sum is worth 115.64 euros per month. In the event that the other parent of the child pays a pension, the ASF supplements the amount received to 115.64 euros. However, if there is no pension, the ASF must be paid as an advance.

Here are the conditions to benefit from it:

  • Live alone
  • Live in France
  • Have at least one child who has not been cared for by the other parent for at least 1 month or that parent pays maintenance of less than €116.11

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