«Quel bonheur!»: Anne Nivat réagit au licenciement de son mari Jean-Jacques Bourdin

Anne Nivat reacts to the dismissal of her husband Jean-Jacques Bourdin

On Friday, the Altice group formalized the departure of its journalist, who had not returned to the antenna of BFMTV and RMC since January, and launched an investigation into “sexual assault” against him.

Hardly the dismissal of her husband Jean-Jacques Bourdin was formalized at the end of the afternoon on Friday,Anne Nivat responded on social media. “How lucky, finally!‘ she writes in capital letters on Twitter, multiplying the exclamation marks. This weekend, the Altice group canceled the contract of the BFMTV and RMC journalist, who has been off the air since January. and an investigation into “sexual assault” Aim for.

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Anne Nivat was not satisfied with a single publication. In another message she is happy again: “In this beautiful month of June, good news FINALLY! When truth is restored we are RELEASED and we will continue what we love with those who are worthy without burdening the others, it is just happiness“, she adds with the ironic hashtag”Long live journalism‘, in the caption of a photo in which a journalist points his camera like a gun at a man’s head, newspaper on his head, recalling the bag carried by a death row inmate before the scaffold. Allegory of her husband’s media situation.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin responded to his departure in the same tone as his wife on Friday. “I am so happy about my release, I am setting out on new adventures and will never forget my companions Long live free and independent journalism!!“, we could read on his account.

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The Altice group launched an internal investigation in mid-January after learning about it The Parisian as his journalist was the subject of a “sexual assault” complaint filed by Fanny Agostini, the former BFMTV-RMC weather presenterthen passed the “Thalassa” on the France 3. The Paris public prosecutor’s office announced the opening of preliminary proceedings, closed without further action in April for the statute of limitations on the public lawsuit. In mid-February, a second woman reported sexual assault, harassment and sexual display and accused Jean-Jacques Bourdin of acts from the late 1980s, the investigation was also closed in April because of the prescription.

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