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Access all your favorite movies and series from a single application with IvacyVPN!

In the all-internet age, VPNs are more popular than ever. From security to entertainment, their uses are many. And as cyber attacks become more prevalent and put your data at risk, these virtual private networks are at the forefront of protecting the privacy of millions of internet users. They guarantee internet users’ anonymity by masking IP addresses and preventing ISPs and governments from spying on you. Security aside, they’re also very useful for accessing geo-restricted content or taking advantage of prizes usually reserved for users from other countries. Are you looking for a VPN that will serve you for half a decade? That’s a good thing, because IvacyVPN is launching its Spring Offer in partnership with Futura-Sciences!

Save and take advantage of the latest offers and good plans buy at the best price.

IvacyVPN offers different offers, but the one that interests us today is clearly the 5-year subscription. For only €54, you will be able to afford this very good VPN for half a decade. This subscription therefore only costs €0.9 per month compared to €8.99 normally. In addition to privacy features, every 5-year subscription purchase grants access to a premium password manager.

IvacyVPN has a particularly interesting offer ready for spring. Here are the benefits of the service:

  • The ability to connect to more than 5700 servers around the world for optimal connection.
  • Extra fast download speed.
  • The subscribed subscription allows the use of up to 10 devices at the same time
  • Like any VPN, IvacyVPN allows you to securely connect to public WiFi networks
  • Access geo-blocked content from other countries on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but also BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and many more.

Ivacy VPN accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and many other lesser-known payment systems. You can also purchase a cryptocurrency subscription through Bitpay or Coingate. This last option is important if you want to pay for your VPN anonymously.

A solid VPN that you can buy with confidence for years

Despite its very attractive price, IvacyVPN is not a shaky service and offers advanced features. Notably, it includes a “split tunneling” feature that lets you decide which apps should and shouldn’t send their traffic through Ivacy’s encrypted tunnel. This is especially handy for gaming with a VPN, as you can avoid the adverse effects of a VPN’s speed and latency on your gaming while still remaining protected.

IvacyVPN also offers:

  • Servers optimized for P2P
  • The kill switch to turn off the internet on your device in case of connection loss with the VPN
  • A Singapore location that allows for a strict no-log policy. None of your data is stored on Ivacy’s servers.

So if you also want to see your loyalty rewarded, don’t hesitate and take advantage of this excellent offer!

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