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Restaurants chinois in montreal

Restaurants chinois in montreal, This city is a melting pot of cultures, and Montreal’s multiculturalism is our favorite. People move to Montreal from all over the globe, bringing with them a wealth of cultural diversity, languages, and cuisine.
As you stroll through Montreal’s streets, you’ll see a wide variety of eateries serving cuisine from across the world. We at Tastet can’t choose a favorite cuisine, but we can’t deny our fondness for dim sum and other Chinese delicacies, especially those from Shanghai. Take-out or dining at a white-clothed table, Chinese cuisine always fills our stomachs.
Chinese cuisine is often regarded as one of the world’s most popular cuisines. Most big cities have a Chinese neighborhood where you can get all of the classics of Chinese food, and Montreal is no exception to the norm. Many of our favorite delicacies can be found in Chinatown and the surrounding area, including dumplings, imperial rolls, Peking duck, and more. Their particular flavors will always stay pleasant and constant.
Montreal’s culinary scene and our eating habits have been shaped by the influence of Chinese food. Especially in these epidemic days, we definitely consume more Chinese takeout than we did 50 years ago, but we’re not complaining! You may discover some of the most popular Chinese cuisine in Montreal at these locations.

Restaurants chinois


Dynastie distinguishes out for its traditional Cantonese cuisine, which puts us right back to Hong Kong’s bustling city center. We go to Dynastie for two reasons: to eat and to keep our hunger pangs at bay till the early hours of the next morning. From Sunday to Wednesday, they close their doors at 1:30am, and from Thursday to Saturday, they close them at 2:20am. Some of the house’s specialities, including wonton soup, shrimp dumplings, general tao, and Yi mein noodles, enthralled us.

Kam Shing

It isn’t always apparent to leave Chinatown in search of an excellent Chinese meal since the most genuine eateries are concentrated there. After launching three restaurants in the Montreal region — two in Côte-des-Neiges and one in Laval — Kam Shing intends to change that. The most popular meals are fried rice with vegetables, Peking duck, and pork chops. This location is a little more upscale than others in the area, but the food and service are excellent. Groups and families will enjoy themselves here as well, its very good Restaurants chinois

Keung Kee

if you looking for Restaurants chinois You can eat authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine at Keung Kee Restaurant. A wonderful spot to go if you’re hungry something late at night since they stay up till 1am. Seafood items such as clams, lobster, and scallops make up a large part of the menu. Also, be prepared for a lot of food!

Beijing Restaurant

Since its opening in 1989, Beijing has been a favorite destination for Chinese cuisine enthusiasts in Montreal. It is typical of most Chinese restaurants to have a lengthy menu with several options. It’s a restaurant where you get a lot for your money. Chow mein, wonton soup, and Peking duck are all on the menu, as well as a variety of other Chinese dishes. Also, they’re open into the wee hours!

Nouilles de Lan Zhou

Noodles prepared to order at Lan Zhou’s Noodles are one of our favorite things to do in town. The lengthy line of hungry customers that regularly flows out into the pavement is a testimonial to the excellence of this spot, despite the restaurant’s modest exterior. You may choose from a range of bowls, including vegetarian and different noodle sizes, to suit your needs. The Lan Zhou beef noodle special, which is served in a beef broth and garnished with veggies and thinly sliced beef, is the most popular meal among regulars.

Dobe & Andy

In Chinatown, this eatery on Saint-Urbain Street is a hidden gem. Dobe & Andy, a Chinese restaurant that opened in March 2019, has rapidly become a must-stop for foodies. This is a simple concept: a restaurant based on the greatest BBQ in Hong Kong. The restaurant has 90 seats and provides table service in regular times, i.e. not during a pandemic. Dobe & Andy’s Curry Braised Beef is one of the restaurant’s most popular meals, along with the BBQ favorites like the crispy pig roast and the sweet chicken. It’s also worth noting that the meals cost between $7 and $17.

Mon Nan

the most important Restaurants chinois If you haven’t already, you need to get to know Mon Nan as soon as possible! Since it first opened its doors in 1982, the restaurant has grown in popularity. Many classic and traditional Chinese meals are on the menu, and the variety is outstanding. This restaurant’s heart and soul is its genuine Chinese food, which includes dishes like salt and pepper shrimp, excellent Peking duck served with handmade pancakes, and sautéed gai lan (Chinese broccoli).

Restaurant Maison Kim Fung, one of the best Restaurants chinois in montreal

Our favorite dim sum can be found right in the middle of Chinatown at this interesting restaurant! In the genuine Chinese dim sum manner, the bites are delivered to the diners on rolling carts! Chow mein with soy sauce and rice noodles with XO sauce are also available after 11 a.m.

Mai Xiang Yuan

If you’re looking for the tastiest dumplings and dim sum in Montreal, Mai Xiang Yuan is the place to go. In terms of convenience, affordability, and speed, Mai Xiang Yuan is the place to go for fast, informal dining. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dumplings, including beef, fish, and vegetarian options. Additionally, the restaurant offers frozen dumplings, so you can enjoy these savory treats at home!

Restaurant Impérial

When it comes to real Chinese dim sum and other delectable dishes, go no farther than Imperial Restaurant. The proprietors opened the restaurant because they wanted to show off the depth, refinement, and sense of community that Chinese food has to offer. You may get “genuine Chinese food” on the sixth level of Swatow Plaza.
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